Letter, October 21, 1976

Hi everybody,

I got my absentee ballot yesterday, thanks Mom! I was worried that I wasn’t going to get to vote. I hope it gets there on time, I sent it today through the Embassy {United States Embassy in San Salvador}. I didn’t know who the guy was who was running for D.A. {District Attorney for Adams County, Wisconsin} so I left it blank. Some volunteers from other states have really complex ballots – they punch holes in computer cards and get a whole book of instructions with it!

I’m definitely going to be in Peace Corps in Costa Rica for at least another year. They have confirmed it. I’ll be leaving El Salvador November 13th for there. My address after that will be:

    Dean Jefferson
    a/c Cuero de Paz
    Apartado Postal 1266
    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Centro America

This morning I talked with one of the professors from the research center at the University of Costa Rica where I’ll be working. He said that he thought it could be arranged so that I could take my 30 days special leave at Christmas and go home. Since he’ll be one of my bosses, that makes me confident Peace Corps will let me go at that time. Today I plan to make a reservation to fly from San Jose {Costa Rica} to Madison {Wisconsin} for December 10 or 11. It’s hard to get reservations at Christmas time so I’ll try to make it now. That way if they let me go, I’ll be ready. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone up there.

Don’t bother to send me any more information from U.W. {University of Wisconsin – Madison}. Now that I’m sure I’ll be in Costa Rica for a year there’s no need. It’ll be a while before I get back to school now.

My new job sounds interesting. I’ll be traveling a good deal, seeing a lot of Costa Rica. Since I’ll be working out of the University {of Costa Rica} I may be able to sit in on some classes in the interest of keeping my mind sharp for when I want to return to school. Hang onto those “Scientific American” magazines, I’ll look at them when I get home and perhaps take some back down here with me.

I had my 2 year physical exam yesterday and the doctor said I was healthy. Some friends have had malaria, intestinal parasites and lingering chest colds, so I’m pleased to be pronounced healthy!

Looks like the dry season is here now. This morning it was cool and windy. When the north wind starts blowing, it usually means the rains are over with.

<I called Sofia on the phone last night.> She’s in good spirits & very busy with school. In about 3 weeks I’ll be down there with her.

Take care everybody,


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