Journal, November 23, 1976 PM

I only have time to write at lunch break it seems. I’m only home to eat and sleep, often not even that. <I ate at Sofia’s last night and will probably eat on the road tonight because I’m going with Sofia & her sister to register at the University {Universidad Nacional} right after work.>

<Last night I was first kind of down on Sofia and then pretty down on myself. With Sofia, it was because of her lack of appreciation of a good wine. I brought over a bottle of California red wine to share with Sofia’s family.> I’d gotten it in El Salvador tax free because of the Feria Internacional, and I thought it was just a little special. <It was not sweet enough to suit Sofia, and in general the family treated it like a bit better than guaro {Costarican rum-like liquor}, but certainly not on a level with vodka. Only one of Sofia’s sisters said she really liked it.> But you can never tell if she is sincere or just being nice. The lesson is, the quality of a product is of no importance to people who don’t realize or appreciate the quality, and if they don’t like the taste, well, they just don’t.

<Sofia was being a little bossy, a bit overly self-assured, and that can get me a little miffed, even while I’m kind of enjoying the performance.>

I got more pissed at myself for letting it slip my mind that the El Salvador bunch were leaving early today. I went to bed pretty early, & it turned out they had gone drinking right in San Antonio. I’d have only had to go looking. What a deadbeat.

Anyway, I got up at 4:30 AM with Dean {Current} to be sure to not miss saying goodbye. Strangely, I feel none the worse for it! I told Steve {Pamperin} I’d probably get married in the “spring.”

There’s a problem with the engagement party Saturday. Alexandra, one of Doña Carmen’s {children}, is graduating from grade school. I want them there, as closest representatives of my side of the family. They’d be so utterly crushed & offended if they weren’t included, and they always treat me right.

I started the rumor at work that I’ll be getting married. It means some ribbing, but in general this is a very marriage oriented society. It’s just that many men want a woman who never leaves the house, & who doesn’t holler too much when they come home late. I don’t think the idea of a wife being an important intellectual companion appeals to most of them.

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