Journal, November 6, 1976 PM

Pupusas de ayote , just another of those innumerable experiences I’ve had here that I’ll never be able to duplicate. Gerardo’s {Chavez} wife, Teresa, made us some huge (6 inches in diameter & nearly an inch thick) pupusas with filling of ayote (a winter squash they tell me, with a taste close to pumpkin), tomato, onion and two kinds of cheese. They were delicious, and 3 made a big meal. The evening was made complete by Mike’s {Shank} antics and Gerardo’s endless repertoire of jokes (most about Salvadoran President Molina). It was Gerardo’s and his family’s “despedida {farewell party}” for me. I’m going to miss them.

I bought 2 more rabbits today, for Friday’s barbecue. They are skinny, so I plan to fatten them up until Thursday. They eat everything in sight!

I’ve given up the idea of doing anything useful before I leave this country. Mike met the new group of trainees (51 of them arrived last night), and he says no replacements for us came. So I’m a lame duck with no successor. It’s probably better that way. I don’t know how my replacement would have kept busy.

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