Journal, November 13, 1976 AM

I’ve been delinquent again. I intended to write after I ran this morning and then forgot. I have had two very pleasant farewell parties, one at my office (DGRNR) yesterday and the other here tonight. At work they gave me a huge pair of wall plaque that just barely fit in my suitcase and a hammock. Joaquin said the hammock had been strength tested for two! Everyone signed the wall plaques, & Max Anaya, our boss, took pictures. It was a nice waste of office time. Then they shot nearly the whole afternoon in a meeting to plan the office Christmas party. It’s no place for the person who wants to get things done, our office, but very sweet people, sincerely!

I got the corporate shaft this morning. LACSA {Costarican airline} called and informed me they had oversold my flight for today; would I like to go Sunday or Monday? <What an incredible bummer for the people there who’ll be expecting me, Sofia, Jaime {Olson} & Doña Carmen.> I was so disgusted I could feel the adrenalin flowing up into my head and the lump growing in my throat as I was sitting in the LACSA office being told that I had a reservation for the 14th, and that was all they knew, after I’d been called and told that my reservation for the 13th would not be honored earlier in the morning. I almost reached that point (threshold) where you have to interpret it as anger or grief and either strike out at something or break into tears. So now I go tomorrow.

The party yesterday evening was very mellow, very relaxed, and seemed to lack no one. Jay {Hasheider} came, with Conrad {Ebish}, Ana {his wife}, her mother & her kid sister. Russ Soules brought Rosamita, Hilda’s sister, as well as wife Hilda. Gerardo {Chavez} and Teresa from the tienda {store} came, and after the crowd thinned out, Gerardo got into form with his jokes. His jokes always border on the ridiculous, but his mannerisms and accents carry them. Fred {Tracy} was on hand, helping fry the rabbit meat, making light conversation and generally being useful. Art Bailey, who I once stayed with during a DTS {Delta Theta Sigma} fraternity “hell week” (1970-71, my freshman year of college), came by plane today {really yesterday} to spend two weeks with Steve Pamperin. He’ll be down for Jaime’s wedding.

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