Images, November 1976

Gerardo Chavez, Maria Teresa de Chavez, Mari Cruz and Steve Hays at my farewell party in Santa Tecla.

From my farewell party, Hilda and Russ Soules, and Hilda's sister Rosamita. Mari Cruz is on the left in the background.

Conrad Ebish, wife Ana, her sister & mother at my farewell party in our apartment.

Margaret, Art Bailey, Rick Ingles, Fred Tracy and Marlene Johnsjoy at my farewell party.

Doña Carmen's youngest daughter, Mauren, with a cousin, in front of their house.

Jaime Olson and his parents in church at his wedding. Mike Shank is kneeling to take a picture.

Juan Diego Campos & his escort walk down the aisle at the Jaime Olson & Pilar Campos wedding.

Dino Jefferson and other groom's men at Campos / Olson wedding.

The two families at Campos / Olson wedding.

Alexandra {Doña Carmen's "middle" daughter} receiving her diploma at graduation ceremony. {Costarican primary school is grades 1 through 6.}

Alexandra's 6th grade graduation.

Alexandra's 6th grade graduation.

Alexandra's graduating class at primary school.

Girls doing a dance number at Alexandra's graduation.

Alexandra and her teacher at her graduation from primary school.

Jaime & Pilar {Olson} at our engagement party at Sofia's house.

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