Journal, November 10, 1976 PM

There’s no way to top off a day that’s quite as pleasant as drinking a bit of wine. Gary Forest brought home a bottle from the Feria {Internacional}. Everyone is buying wine! He shared some with Steve Pamperin and I. I have so seldom drunk wine that it is always a very special thing for me to try a little.

I went to DGRNR {Dirección General de Recursos Naturales Renovables} today (tomorrow’s the last time) and read over Chico’s {Rodriguez, Peace Corps Agriculture Program Director} latest draft of the Río Pacayas watershed project. I made a few comments on it and gave it back to him this afternoon. He’s getting his ideas organized better & better. It could be a really interesting piece of work.

I killed the rabbits this evening, and threw them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. The skins are for Doña Teresa, in the tienda {store}, and Tony, the maid. I also got a chocolate cake to take to work tomorrow & eat.

Virgil was in his glory today, describing the gore of battle as the Trojans and Latins waged battle. His descriptions of the deaths of “name” warriors are some of the most vivid mental pictures he draws. Through the long & sometimes tedious epic, I had reflected from time to time that he was just a Homer imitator, but just turning the tables (Trojans are the good guys and Greeks are the bad guys), and changing the setting and some names. I apologize. He is a true poet, building on Homer’s base, and adding in his own vivid imagination to turn a collection of Roman myths of their country’s beginnings into an epic worthy to be the sacred myth of the founding of the Roman Empire.

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