Journal, October 18, 1976 PM

November 13th looks like the big day. The day I leave El Salvador behind me and begin my year’s stint in Costa Rica. {Peace Corps El Salvador Director} John Jones said that leaving the 13th seemed reasonable, and said he would start on the paperwork. I’ve started my physical with Dr. Zavaleta.

Tomorrow I have to call Dr. Echandi from Costa Rica. Chico {Rodriguez, Peace Corps Agriculture Program Director} says he knows him. He works with the Costa Rica Ministry of Agriculture. I hope he brings me info. from Juan Coward {Peace Corps Costa Rica Agriculture Program Director}.

I’m reading “All Creatures Great and Small” by James Herriot. I polished off a couple chapters at work this morning before heading over to Peace Corps Office in the afternoon. It is pleasant, engrossing reading, but just entertaining, not profound. Amazingly, Herriot’s first employer (another veterinarian only several years his senior) had two old cars, a Hillman and an Austin, just like Profy Gomez had at El Maizal! Profy’s {Hillman} had to be a little newer, but precious little I assure you, even as I assure you they were at least as unreliable!

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