Journal, October 22, 1976 PM

Work was a completely unprecedented drag today. I read the new York Times and then my book, and that was all. Thank God I had an excuse to leave early! I had to see Dr. Zavaleta to show him my T.B. and another test. The T.B. was negative, but the other thing itches like crazy. It is a test for some kind of a yeast which settles in the lungs. I tested positive on it as have Jaime Olson, Ed Shiffer, Dale Cox and who knows who else. Dr. Zavaleta says 80% of the people in this country test positive for it. They don’t give us any treatment, but I’d still rather know I’ve been exposed to something than not know. It gives me something to worry about.

Dave Quarles talked me into going out to Amapulapa (a swimming resort) tomorrow with the American Society. It’ll be a trip to go on one of their outings before I leave. Dave’s here tonight, as is Gary Forest. Both are getting ready to terminate. What complete finality that Peace Corps term implies!

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