Journal, October 26, 1976 AM

I never went out to work today. Since I have nothing to do there, it really makes little difference, though it looks bad. I went to the Costarican Embassy. It appears they can wave the requirement of a ticket out of the country for entrance. I just have to go back to see them about a week before I leave.

I went shopping for Christmas gifts for my clan. One of the clear disadvantages of having a large family is that you have to buy so many Christmas presents that you can’t get something really nice for anybody. I copped out as usual and got the same thing for 5 of my 7 sisters. This year it is cloth to make themselves blouses or skirts. At least I got 5 different types of material.

I bought Jaime’s and Pilar’s wedding present, a beautiful Guatemalan blanket. I hope somebody buys me one some day. I doubt I ever get around to buying me one. For $24 U.S. you can get an exquisite hand-woven wool blanket. It’s more of a bargain than my cherished cowboy boots!

I have all my goodies packed away in a bamboo basket now, ready to send to the folks at home. It has become standard procedure for PCVs {Peace Corps Volunteers} here to send stuff home in these bamboo baskets with a “giant-weave” henequen bag (like they transport corn, melons, vegetables & pottery in here) around the outside. Land mail is cheap but slow. I’ll be fortunate if this basket gets home by Christmas. If I’m there, I’ll feel bad if it doesn’t.

I picked up a copy of Virgil’s (spelled Vergil on the cover) “Aeneid” today at Peace Corps Office. I plan to read it concurrently with “All Creatures Great & Small”. It should be an interesting duet. Thomas Jefferson believed in reading everything from the classics, through science, to novels to keep up his ongoing education.

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