Journal, November 4, 1976 AM

I ran over at the cafetalón {coffee field} this morning, and am writing while the sweat is still dripping and that feeling of euphoric exhaustion from physical exertion is still upon me. I am trying to get better control of myself emotionally and intellectually by this physical conditioning and discipline. Last evening I was at a peak of frustration and disorientation. I had been trying to get all my possessions into my two suitcases, and had found it impossible. I was torn between getting another piece of luggage and letting Steve Pamperin take a lot of stuff down, and mailing some of my books and other junk down. I’ll mail some stuff. Then Mike {Shank} was occupying almost the whole kitchen when I wanted to make supper . . . Plus, intermittently, I was struck with the big doubt about why I am forsaking temporarily my personal goals for the sake of a romantic relationship. I wish I could just make a decision and shove it to the far corner of my mind, remembered and followed but no longer subject to reassessment!

James Earl Carter is President-elect of the United States. I wore my Carter button to work yesterday in the interest of having my own little one-day campaign. I am pleased to have a nonlawyer President, a President who has a varied personal experience (military, academic, private enterprise) instead of a lifelong politician. Carter has promised to pay more attention to Latin America, too. I have high hopes. He is just unorthodox enough to be a great leader. America and the world need one.

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