Journal, November 25, 1976 PM

At noon we played soccer, so there was no time for eating or writing. It was good fun & good exercise. The guys here are easygoing & joke around as they play.

We worked hard this morning, calculating a regression coefficient and Y-intercept longhand from RenĂ¡n’s {Molina} rice data. Then Dr. Mora showed us the programmable calculator in Dr. Echandi’s office. It is no bigger than a common desktop adding machine. With control panel it fits in a briefcase, yet you can do all kinds of complex math operations on it. God, what they have done with calculators in the last couple years!

<It was a crisis last night for Sofia & I.> We just kept rubbing each other the wrong way. She was being the talkative, spoiled girl, & I the sullen, unwilling suitor. I think we’ll survive it.

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