Journal, November 19, 1976 AM

This wedding tomorrow is going to be something. Yesterday a few neighbors pitched in to kill a big hog & make chicherones {Costarican food like very thick bacon}. It is like weddings must have been in the U.S. when people had less money (Jaime’s {Olson} phrase), when my parents were young. Pilar {Campos} is the pride of the whole village, the joy of her relatives, the sweet girl who has never offended anyone. Jaime plays the part of the gallant and worthy suitor from afar perfectly. He is big & husky, a mountain, yet ruggedly handsome, outgoing, affable and saintly with his future in-laws.

It will be a folk festival, like one of the flashbacks in “The Old Gun”, or the wedding scene in "The Godfather!"

<Today, Sofia & I buy a ring. I have been getting bad vibes about Sofia from other folks, just yesterday.> What a weird phenomenon at this crucial turning point. <A girl on the bus said Sofia doesn’t know what she wants. Pilar is still upset because Sofia declined to be in the wedding party. Doña Carmen made a big scene this morning of explaining to me that she really doesn’t dislike Sofia, etc., etc. and so forth!>

Well, I can still back out. I won’t. I think she just doesn’t meet their standards for the all suffering, docile spouse. I’m not quite “cocido {cooked}” yet.

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