Journal, November 1, 1976 PM

The dog that bit me still lives. I apparently won’t have to get the 20 odd rabies shots. Not only is she alive, she’s got 6 fat little pups.

I left work just a little early today, and while walking to where the #33 bus stops, I met a man from the campo {rural area}. He’d been at DGRNR {where I work} trying to talk to the head of the Fisheries Service. He was looking for work, a common pastime here, and he meant to leave no stone unturned in his search for employment. I fully expected him to ask me if I could help him get work (that’s not uncommon either) but he was too polite to be so forward with a complete stranger. For the unskilled and uneducated getting and keeping work is a constant battle. Many will try most anything. From the Gringo’s {North American} standpoint it’s a liability of getting close to people that they ask for and sometimes simply expect your help getting a job. The PCV {Peace Corps Volunteer} who is on a limited salary and has no leads on jobs, can be made to feel inadequate. You gain insight into the thought behind the Biblical saying about the poor always being there. There is “too little of you” to help all of them.

Dave Quarles can be a bother to have in the house. Nothing escapes him and nothing is safe from him! He has borrowed one of my pens (I spied him with it, having assumed I’d lost it.), and ate half an apple I had stored away in the refrigerator for a special treat. I have to make sure he at least pays me the 20 Colones I loaned him last night before he leaves.

Dave has a book of quotes just about like mine. I copied an interesting quote he had by Henry Kissinger. Dave’s hard to live with, but interesting to have around certainly.

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