Journal, November 15, 1976 AM

It was a whirlwind transition. <In an hour I’ve moved from my El Salvador world into the world of San Antonio (of Sofia, Jaime {Olson} & Pilar, Doña Carmen, etc.).> It almost wiped me out. Now that I’m here, it seems like no time at all since I left.

Jaime’s folks are here, and his grandma (who is a real wonder, she’s got the grip of a man at 85+!). We drank the German wine from the Feria Internacional last evening. It was good, the only white wine I’ve ever had & I really liked. I’ll have to remember the name.

<Sofia received me with open arms even though I’d caused her and everyone else around here a lot of consternation by coming a day late.> The airline never gave them my message. <Sofia has already read the Aeneid (& many other classics).> They must stress the traditional humanities here more than in the U.S. She was impressing me with her insights and rational evaluation of situations more than ever before yesterday.

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