Journal, November 16, 1976 AM

First day on the job, and I felt like I was back in college. I’ll be working in a lab in the Agriculture faculty. The place is well equipped for grain analysis. I was impressed. The people seem very friendly and cooperative.

I spent little time at the Peace Corps Office. Juan Coward {Peace Corps Costa Rica Agriculture Program Director} asked if I had anything pressing to do, and when I told him no, he took me right out to where I’ll be working. He said that as far as arranging vacation leave was concerned, I would have to work it out with them, that he would defer to whatever they decided was best. Fortunately I had already discussed taking my home leave at Christmas time with Dr. Ronald Echandi, who appears to be the big boss at CIGRAS {Centro de Investigación de Granos y Semillas}, so I think there will be no problem.

<I saw Sofia on the run today as I returned from work, and she headed for the University in Heredia.> Not much of a love life.

I visited Pilar’s and B.S.’ed with Israel {Campos}, Marita and Juan Diego. Poor Marita is worn out from all the wedding preparations. She fell asleep sitting up. She’s incredible though in that she never loses her good humor. Mom would be feeling persecuted and be touchy. Israel’s a good man too, responsible. He says a lot of Costarican men spend their money in the bars while the family doesn’t eat right, but not him. Pilar is so sweet, and so incapable of a bitter thought. Sometimes I think she doesn’t belong in this world! <Sofia wonders how she’ll cope with the reality of married life.> Will Jaime {Olson} continue to shelter and protect her?

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