Journal, October 31, 1976, 12:20 PM (Sunday)

I just got through killing Hojo Rojo {literally Red Eye} the rabbit and giving his skin to the folks at the tienda {store}. What a cold-blood I am!

I went to {Peace Corps El Salvador Director} John Jones’ party for {U.S.} Ambassador Lozano yesterday afternoon. Ah the peaceful chatter and appetizing snacks of a suburban lawn party. But then PCVs {Peace Corps Volunteers} are interesting people, so it was decent. I listened to the new {U.S.} Embassy number two man (Lubensky?) talk about Germany and Ecuador, two of his favorite countries, and about his 120 acres in West Virginia, where he hopes to retire soon. I met the aunt of a newly famous actor {Robert De Niro}, star of “Taxi Driver” and “Godfather Part II”. She’s a PCV and says she finds it strange being related to a famous person.

I went to Conrad Ebish’s wedding. It was kind of sad, no music and only a local photographer. Dr. {Art} Eisenhower and his wife Lila were Padrinos {Godparents}, and ended up taxiing Conrad and Ana all over. Steve Pamperin and I were the only Peace Corps people attending, and we tagged along to the reception at Circulo Militar. A big meal was served which I couldn’t eat because I’d stuffed myself at John Jones’.

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