Journal, November 9, 1976 PM

I forgot to mention the landslide of mail I got yesterday, 3 letters in a day (and one more today). <Sofia wrote at last. She’ll be at the airport with her nephew.> And Jaime {Olson} wrote. Jaime has been picking coffee and enjoying Costa Rica. <Sofia says their wedding day will be the happiest day of their lives for Pilar and Jaime, but for her it won’t be like that.> She added a quote about living & dying rationally and productively. She also mentioned a humanized humanity, which is more in line with the idealism I remember.

I went out to DGRNR {Dirección General de Recursos Naturales Renovables} today, and B.S.’ed. I also went to a soils workshop with Fred Tracy. I’m such a bum, not doing anything of my own for my self-betterment, except {reading} the Aeneid.

Fred and I went to the Feria Internacional and bought wine, two bottles apiece, which used up all of our money. I got a bottle of German white wine and a bottle of California red. The German wine is for a toast with Jaime. <The other is for a special night with Sofia’s family.> Perhaps I’ll save it for the engagement party.

Fred showed Rick Ingles and I a bunch of his pictures tonight. Fred is such a worker. You can see all the stuff he has done as an extensionist from his pictures. He makes me ashamed of my puny accomplishments as a PCV {Peace Corps Volunteer}. He’s all energy and initiative! He really knows his field too. He’s not diddling in something he’s not sure of like I felt I was in the campo {rural zone}. But then, for me, the Peace Corps years will be just a pause for reflection, decision and personal emotional growth, while, for him, they are an integral part of his experience in his chosen field (as well as a great time of personal development, no question).

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