Journal, October 17, 1976 PM

Dave Quarles is here again tonight, after staying last night and then leaving early for Sonsonate. He asked me tonight why I joined Peace Corps. “Because I didn’t like the other options I had at the time, and to give me time to think about what I wanted to do with my life,” I replied. Dave had been planning to go into Peace Corps or another international volunteer program since his sophomore year in college. He says he even didn’t let himself get seriously involved with some nice girls because he planned to go into Peace Corps! Dave, living in Virginia, visited Peace Corps Washington {D.C.} and cased the whole operation before he applied. Dave is systematic! Still, he ended up switching from the pastures & forages program into multicultivos {multiple cropping} at the last minute, when already trained for pastures & forages.

I unloaded a bombshell later in the same conversation. At least Steve Pamperin thought it was a bombshell. I said as it turned out I would probably spend three years in Peace Corps, get marriage out of the way, and be able to settle down to something permanent when I got back. I guess my cavalier treatment of marriage was a bit much for Steve. Sometimes I can write it off like that. After all, objectively, a woman-shy guy like me just has it too hard being single, torn between forgetting about women entirely and devoting all energy to study, and putting in the time with a woman who is also rather reserved (bossy women scare me to death) to get some decent loving! A guy like me ought to marry a nice, rather conservative chic and get about studying or doing whatever other activity he thinks might make him a useful human being.

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