Journal, October 25, 1976 AM

I went to check on the dog that bit me last Thursday. The woman who owns it is a mile-a-minute talker. She showed me the culprits, 6 healthy pups, and explained how she had an extra claw at the knee joint, which she had been told was a characteristic of dogs who didn’t get rabies. The dog was out wandering when I came, but she assured me she always put it in the house when there were rabid dogs about. She talked with the assurance of much experience in the matter. I tried not to let her see that her reassurances were making me more nervous about the matter!

The dog came back and looked perfectly O.K. so I took my leave, telling her I’d be back the next Sunday to see it again.

Dave Quarles is a compulsive arguer. He refuses to let you agree with him when he is in the mood to argue a point, which is almost always. It’s exasperating! But another week of Dave is all I may have in my life. I’ll miss the crazy dude; he’s amazing! I wonder if he’ll spend his whole life being a super extensionist, selling his philosophy with the technological practices he recommends. He’s well qualified for that role. He says there’s an 80% chance he’ll be back in El Salvador working for A.I.D. in January. He’d stay 6 months.

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