Journal, November 3, 1976 AM

I had a very wholesome day today. At 7 AM I went to run 3 laps around the track at the cafetalón {coffee field}. I had a good breakfast, and at 11:00 I headed for Los Chorros swimming resort with Steve Pamperin, Marlene {Johnsjoy} and Margaret. It appears Margaret is going to inherit my room here when I leave. We never have any vacancies in this place. The price is right!

I took a nap this afternoon, ate and went to Tiffany’s (a Gringo {North American} place in Escalón) to an election night gathering for the American community. When we left at 12:30, they had projected (CBS) that Carter had 267 sure electoral votes and Ford 126. The popular vote was 51% to 48% for Carter with 63% of the vote counted. Wisconsin is predicted in the Carter column. They impounded the ballots in New York. The race is extremely close there. In California, 85% of those eligible apparently voted, which should mean Carter has a better chance of carrying that state. I expect Carter to win, and I’m pleased. It could be a historical turning point. At the very least it means some new faces and new ideas in Washington, change instead of the status quo.

Russ Soules was at the election night what-cha-ma-call-it. He and Hilda seem to be getting along fabulously, and he promised to come to my despedida {farewell party}. I may have seen Art and Lila Eisenhower for the last time. They leave Thursday. They gave us one last ride home this morning.

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