Journal, November 13, 1976 PM

We went to San Rafael near Zacatecaluca today to build a partition out of bamboo as an example for some campesinos {peasants}. That’s right, we were taken there by Margaret’s agency, the Unión Comunal Salvadoreña {Salvadoran Communal Union}, to stimulate their cooperative socios {members} to build themselves bamboo house / room dividers, even though they seemed perfectly happy with cardboard ones or none at all. It was a vintage Peace Corps expedition, Walter Mondale would be proud!

It was hotter than hell down on the coast, a good break-in for Art Bailey who yesterday morning left 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures {in Wisconsin}.

<I’m ready for Costa Rica, Sofia, Pilar and Jaime, and all the rest, now.> One extra day in this country was kind of interesting, sweet nostalgia, but now I’m impatient. Life is waiting for me there. I’m already a day late!

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