Images, December 1976

{ Gert Verberkmoes and her dog in her Madison home, December 1976. }

{ The Jefferson farm in winter, Friendship WI. }

{ Me showing off an icicle & a temperature of 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. }

{ Me with snow in front of the farm house. }

Dad milking Belle {, a cow that had been a 4-H project of mine as a calf} .

Me & Belle in front of the house.

{ Dad opening presents, Christmas Eve 1976. }

{ Front row: Pilar, Jaime, Mom, Dad; Back row: Jaime's Dad, Jaime's Mom, Jaime's sister Julie; taken at Jaime's folks' home, Neenah WI. }

{ A bit of Pilar, me, Mom & Dad at the home of Jaime's parents. }

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