Journal, October 21, 1976 PM

The Cincinnati Reds won the 1976 World Series in 4 straight games. Tonight they took the final game 7-2, riding on two homers by Johnny Bench. Thurman Munson went 4 for 4 for the losing Yankees, making him an incredible 9 of 17 for the series. Bench went 8 of 15 for the series, so it may go down in history as the slug-it-out of two huge and talented catchers.

Baseball is a great sport for the casual observer. You can see 2 games all year and become a rabid and knowledgeable fan by the second one. The two Series games they aired down here are the only two baseball games I’ve seen since last year’s exciting Series.

A dog bit me today, a good hard one, above the top of my cowboy boot. I talked to the owner, and she said it was vaccinated last year. I hope I don’t have to get rabies shots. I can go back to check on the dog.

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