Journal, September 9, 1976 PM

I wrote to the Castillo Murillo family and to Juan Coward (to ask for more info. on the Costa Rica multi-cultivos {multiple cropping} program & ask if he wanted me to look around for info. here to help him get the program together). Neither has answered my previous letters to them (Juan or Doña Carmen et al.), so who knows what will come of my latest efforts.

I read a lot today & learned a little about the politics of my office. It seems that the director of DGRNR {Dirección General de Recursos Naturales Renovables} at times tells my boss (director of the Department of Planificación {Planning}) with whom he will fill a vacancy in our office. Our boss is candid about it; he mentioned today in a meeting that 2 of our present personnel were acquired that way. They are both competent and well liked by the way. We are getting another such surprise package he informed us today. Also, he is juggling folks around due to the loss of 3 people to other agencies. To top it off, he announced some pay raises. The secretaries will now get 450 Colones per month (35 Colones more than I make). Rafael Lazo, the highest paid guy except for “subjefes {assistant bosses}” and “jefes {bosses}”, gets 1240 Colones per month. The boss appointed a woman subjefe, Silvia Campos, & made a fitting speech about the equal professional capacity of women. He assured us he’d remove her though, if it appeared she couldn’t handle the post!

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