Journal, September 6, 1976 PM

First day on vitamin E. What a letdown, it was not only a normal day, but a subnormal day (i.e. a real drag)! I may have my first bit of evidence favoring the hypothesis that vitamin E increases sexual vigor though. I developed a hardon looking at one of our secretaries and it took quite a while to soften away! It’s very embarrassing to walk around in baggy cloth pants with a hardon. They don’t hold the partially erected penis in close to the body like blue jeans do, but let it make a mini-tent out of the spare material!

Today was Labor Day in the U.S., so I didn’t bother going to Peace Corps Office. No mail, that’s the significance of Labor Day to me in my present life situation. The U.S. Embassy is shut down, so no mail.

<I wrote to Sofia.> I ate foods from all 4 of the basic food groups today. I took the most nearly normal shit I have in months this evening. I’m on the road to physical health, long life and maybe a psychological depression. The office life, plus not doing something that is aimed at a goal I place a high value on (and being woman lonesome) has got me somewhat low.

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