Journal, October 13, 1976 PM

Our basketball team finally won one at work. Mark Newman, another PCV {Peace Corps Volunteer}, played with us for the first time. With three of us gringos plus two half-decent nationals, we were a really viable team for the first time. We beat Meteorologico {Meteorology} by 8-10 points, amazing! Mike {Shank} just got home, and he’s all excited, telling Steve Pamperin and Jaime {Olson} about it. It sure was fine to win & to play well. I made 3-4 baskets myself and got a lot of rebounds.

No word from Peace Corps Costa Rica as of yet, bummer. The Castillo Murillo family wrote though & said I could board with them when I go to Costa Rica to start my new job. As always, they made it sound as if they would be offended if I didn’t stay there. <I may stay there until I can find an apartment I like & that is big enough for Sofia to move in, eventually.>

I finished my Peace Corps final report today. Don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow!

Mike and I got a ride with Fred Tracy from DGRNR after the basketball game. Fred and Marlene {Johnsjoy} came out to Santa Tecla with me. They may move in with Steve Hays and Mari Cruz when Ed Shiffer leaves. Fred is so high-pitched, he just can’t slow down, and he carelessly offends people because he is so intense in all he does, and can’t stand slackers. He’s got to slow down enough to enjoy people. If he doesn’t, even sweet Marlene may not stand by him.

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