Journal, September 15, 1976 AM

Central American Independence Day is today, and as with every holiday they have, seemingly, they started celebrating it very early in the morning with rockets (cohetes). I just heard the traditional song coming from somewhere: “Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el Rey David, a las muchachas bonitas se las cantamos aquí . . .” What a drag, every holiday the same shit! When are they going to invent a nice quiet holiday? Jay came over last night & so we chewed the fat for a while. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my bike now. He says they wouldn’t give him the papers for it at the airport. They want him to take it somewhere and pay import taxes on it, and the whole bit. I’d rather sell it to someone who knows his way around, and let him get falsified papers on it.

I got to kidding with a couple of the guys at the office yesterday, and they came out openly with one of their big frustrations - that of having to steer close to the political mood (usually conservative) in the writing of their studies. The higher-ups have just sent a study they did back down for revision; they didn’t like the conclusions. So we can’t do anything on the Río Tamulasco or upper Río Lempa study (whichever it’s going to be) until they get that done. Bummer! That’s exactly why I don’t want to remain in the social sciences. Even if you do publish the study, nothing is done about it unless or until the political mood is right. Neither would you want any fascist up there who could do what he wanted, when he wanted to.

I ran into the spacey friend of Jay’s erstwhile woman Blanca, Nina from Metalio days, in the bank in the afternoon. She just “normally” acts as if she’d been smoking dope for 3 days running and was completely out of it! Blanca’s finally run out on Jay for good, went to Canada to study French. With crazy Nina was another chic who claims to have just recently baptized {former Peace Corps Volunteer} Mike Steppling’s kid. That’s heavy! She was very calm - he just didn’t want to stay - but what a fix to leave a chic in!

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