Journal, September 27, 1976 PM

I just read the letter over again. It appears I’ll be in Costa Rica well before Jaime’s {Olson} wedding, and that I’ll be staying on there for about a year, perhaps two, in Peace Corps. I got said letter from Juan Coward, {Peace Corps} Costa Rica Agriculture Program head. He invited me to come down in early November for a program in collection of data on handling, storage & marketing of seeds & grain. He requested 2 volunteers to come in October & only got one. I’m game, even though I’ll be far from my specialties. <The program will work through the University of Costa Rica, and though I’ll be going to the “campo {rural zone}” a lot in the first phase of the program, I’ll be stationed in San Jose, close to Sofia. It looks like a great setup for Sofia & me.> Which means of course I’m having some reservations (i.e. It probably means two more years away from school, etc.).

I’ll take it, however, lock, stock & barrel, and I’ll start by taking the letter to John Jones {Peace Corps El Salvador Director} tomorrow morning. How ironic, I went to him today to ask if I could improve my chances of getting a job in Costa Rica by reapplying to Peace Corps Washington instead of extending. He was sympathetic, but said there was no way, that I’d have to wait on the extension/transfer. But now Juan Coward has come through!

Ed Shiffer says I should arrange to leave on the plane with Jaime {Olson} & him. I’ll have at it! Right now I feel nothing is beyond my grasp!

First letter goes to Juan saying, “Take me I’m yours!” <The second goes to Sofia saying, “Don’t open the champaign yet, but it definitely looks like I’m going to be spending at least a year in your beautiful little country, & just as close to your beautiful little self as you’ll let me get.”> I don’t fully believe it yet, it’s all happening too easily!

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