Journal, October 7, 1976 PM

No word from Juan Coward {Peace Corps Costa Rica Agriculture Program Director} yet about the job in Peace Corps Costa Rica. I think I’ll send him a telegram if I don’t get anything tomorrow.

I got one letter from Costa Rica though, from Miss Pilar Campos, so sweet, so sweet. She acts so naïve, almost dumb, but she was shrewd enough to get herself a big tough guy named Jaime Olson to look out for her! <She’s heard that I’m going to spend a year in Peace Corps Costa Rica, and that Sofia & I are going to be engaged in November.> I’m sure all of San Antonio has found out when exactly we’ll be married as well. They can be counted on in such matters! I only hope someone tells me.

I even ran out of busy-work at the office today. I read 2 or 3 Cantos from Dante’s “Inferno” and borrowed a newspaper to pass time. The “Inferno” is another one of those books I wish I’d read a long time ago. To think of the time I wasted reading “Rin-Tin-Tin”, “Danny Dunn and the Antigravity Paint” and “O’Reilly of Notre Dame”. <All I can do is resolve to better direct my kids’ education (and maybe Sofia’s to some extent).>

I have finally been called upon to explain my San Isidro study of potential candidates for the relocation of minifundios {small farmers} with less than the legal size lots. A guy from ISTA {Instituto Salvadoreño de Transformación Agraria or Salvadoran Institute for Agricultural Transformation} came by this afternoon and I am going over there tomorrow morning to discuss my study and my experiences in the San Juan - San Isidro area with people who are to be in charge of the long awaited relocation. The guy I talked to today liked the idea of giving the candidate more land if it was poorer quality land. I’ll be interested to see what the rest are interested in.

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