Journal, October 3, 1976 AM (Sunday)

I spent what was left of yesterday organizing all the stray papers I had laying around my room and writing letters.

I’ve got pretty well straight in my head how I’m going to handle getting my stuff down to Costa Rica now. A lot of the books & papers that I don’t need right away I’ll ship by land mail, or possibly by air freight if I find it’s fairly cheap. Before I do anything I’m going to wait for the reply from Costa Rica though. I only hope they don’t putz around and end up deciding I should take my home leave during November, thus royally fucking me over as far as Jaime’s {Olson} wedding is concerned. It would be vintage Peace Corps!

Today I go to a friend’s house to take a few pictures for his daughter’s birthday, and I’m kicking myself for not buying flash cubes yesterday since the stores that sell them probably won’t be open today! I have still another party in store this afternoon with the forage group at Charlie Mayer’s. Party, party, party. It’ll be the last with Diego & Mariana, and perhaps with Dave Quarles. They go by ones and twos.

Notes on 3 native legends: (1) La carreta chiona - also called “la carreta bruja”; it can be heard going along at night because of the squeaky noise it makes, but generally you can’t see it. The oxen are a pair of devils, and there is nobody driving them. (2) El cipotío - a little man (elf or dwarf) who roams around completely nude except for his huge sombrero near the rivers and springs where young women bathe. (3) La siguanaba - also “sigüeguet”; a beautiful young woman who causes men to fall in love with her and then converts herself into a hag (long fingernails, long nose, warts, etc.).

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