Journal, September 1, 1976 PM

I’m feeling the urge to attempt an article for a newspaper or magazine. I don’t know how many times I’ve thought about doing it - even jotted down a few ideas - but I never get any farther. I can already see that the ideas I have now need more researching if I were to write a serious, informative article. Then there is the official “muzzle” the U.S. government puts on PCVs {Peace Corps volunteers}. The handbook says check out any stuff you want to send to the press with your country director first. I have no idea how seriously they take that rule. I guess one would have to get an article published to find out!

<I answered Sofia’s nice letter today.> Sometimes I feel an almost fatherly protectiveness toward her. She’s so frail & her health is so seemingly delicate. She may take a little special care, but we’ll make it.

And it’s raining again tonight. I think it’s rained every night for 2 weeks in Santa Tecla.

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