Journal, October 4, 1976 PM

A long day. I had a headache just “went through the motions” without putting any enthusiasm into anything. I did go to DGORD {Dirección General de Riego y Drenaje} in the morning though, and leave them a good Spanish copy of the San Isidro study I did. Nestor Gonzalez has just been made subdirector of DGORD. He’s a good man for the post, competent and a guy who gets things done. He has sure been bounced around since he was head of the Atiocoyo {Irrigation} Project, but he’s back in favor now it seems. Politics, politics, God free me from it!

<Sofia wrote a very dry letter reassuring me on every doubt I expressed in the last letter of mine she got.> She takes my insecurities all too seriously, but she’s lovable! I really need to see her, writing has really gotten stale. I’m not writing again ‘til I get another letter from Juan Coward, and know more about when I’ll be getting to Costa Rica.

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