Journal, September 20, 1976 PM

Jaime {Olson} is still here; Diego {Cox} took up other lodgings for the night. Ed Shiffer has returned to take over his house again.

I saw Mike {Staigers}, Rosa & Edwin off for Ohio this morning at about 8:20. Jaime, Diego & I caught the 6:30 bus out of Santa Tecla. Mike’s optimistic, Rosa’s quiet & Edwin was at first pensive and then as vivacious as ever. I may never see them again. I wish them well. I have his address and plan to write.

Maybe 25 people came to the airport to meet Ed. It was an emotional arrival. Poor Ed, the mysterious operation was the removal of one of his testicles because of a danger of cancer. He’s looking forward to starting work in Colombia in about a month.

Ed and Jaime are currently shooting the breeze, evaluating Peace Corps staff. I’m getting sick of all the B.S. How am I going to stand another year in Peace Corps? <I have to write to Sofia.>

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