Journal, September 4, 1976 AM

I played with numbers all day at work yesterday, and came up with two neat tables over the land tenure situation, which I then decided were superfluous. I combined the summary data from the two into one simpler version. So it goes.

Mike {Shank} said he got sicker than a dog on the food from the comedor {cafeteria} at work (DGRNR) {Dirección General de Recursos Naturales Renovables}. I haven’t eaten there for 2 days as part of my program to see if I can normalize my vital bodily functions (like shitting, farting & the stability of my stomach)! I’m just skipping lunch, like I did in highschool to lose weight for wrestling, or just to have my lunch money as a sort of allowance. That, with boiling my water here, has got me somewhat more “normal”, though the beer I had last night has me a little groggy yet this morning.

I want to sit down with Sartre and maybe finish it today. I read the final chapter, “The Verdict of History”, yesterday - one man taking responsibility for all human actions in a century (great theater!): “I saw the beast in another’s eyes and killed it, and then I saw the beast again reflected in the eyes of the dying other - it was me.” Heavy!

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