Journal, September 26, 1976 PM

Tonight I’m in my 8th residence since entering Peace Corps. After supper I moved into Steve Pamperin’s and Mike Shank’s apartment, and Steve Hays & wife Mari Cruz moved into my old room in Ed’s {Shiffer} place. Everything is so disorganized, I don’t know where to begin. I had shelves, a closet & a table at Ed’s. Here there is nothing but a clothes rack & no space! I sure got spoiled in the little time I was there. I really feel like I’m taking a step down on the standard of living scale.

Other than that, I went to a softball game today (a doubleheader actually). Mike’s team, the Gringos, split. And I cut the grass, & ground up beans, & lounged around the house.

I am getting nowhere trying to read & improve myself intellectually. Today I really feel like a Joe-ordinary shmuck! I even misplaced Sartre!

I saw Charlie Mayer today at the ballgame. Good old Charlie from training. His kid is big, 15 months old. He is working away, and just the same old down-home person. He’ll be at Russ’s {Soules} wedding to see all the guys.

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