Journal, October 5, 1976 PM

I finally saw the first set of debates between Carter and Ford. They were on at the embassy this afternoon on videotape. It also gave me a chance to meet the new ambassador, Ignacio Lozano of Los Angeles. He’s the only person I ever recall meeting who looks exactly like his pictures, same expression on his face, maybe even the same suit!

The debate served to solidify my support for Carter. Ford is a better debater from the theatrical or forensic viewpoint, but Carter said so much more of substance. Actually one could argue that he tried to say too much. He talked rather fast and sometimes drifted off into a monotone. The key for me is that Carter is a man with new ideas & with goals. He’s a man eager to lead, “a take-charge guy”, he’s been called, while Ford is a hedger, taking a negative attitude on things. He was talking more about what he will prevent than what he will do! I’ll take a risk with Carter. It’s clear that no positive changes will come about as a result of Ford’s initiative.

<I meant to write Sofia tonight.> I had the letter half written in my head, but former neighbor Francisco appeared, & it ended up being a popcorn & beer evening. Would you believe Francisco knew the father of Steven Stills (the pop singer), and had met Steven himself? True. The father spent 3 years in El Salvador working for some company, & was a big Al Hirt fan. Steven had a good-looking sister who died from a drug overdose. Francisco has been around!

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