Journal, September 7, 1976 PM

It was a blah day except for a vigorous basketball game after work. We lost by about 9 points. Looks like everybody in the office has a different idea about the Tamulasco study & that the main motivation behind doing it is the “meta {goal}” which the department has, to wit, ‘do one socioeconomic study of the Río Tamulasco watershed.’ Silvia Campos, a young economist, wants to do a good thorough general study with a random sample & the whole bit. No one else does. I’m not sure it would be worth the time & expense. I tend to think not. But I don’t get fired up about the rinky-dink study methodologies other folks in the office have in mind.

Anyway, it made my day when I got a letter from home & one from sister Mary, both with pictures, & Mary’s with news clippings. They’ve had two big forest fires up in Juneau County (the county across the Wisconsin River from Adams County where my family lives). Don Jerabeck of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reported on the fire. It made me laugh. I worked under Don one summer (at Roche-A-Cri State Park, 2 miles from home) and know how authoritative the little spit & polish exNavy guy can sound; that is unless his wife’s around, she’s bigger than he is! One of the fires did over $1 million worth of damage - an awful lot up in that scrub forest & marsh land. I got 2 great pictures of Mary’s kid Brian (1 year old), plus some pictures I took down here, including 2 of the Corazón de {Heart of} Jesus celebration they had in the corner store.

I forgot my vitamin E this morning, but took it tonight. I’ll see what it does for me after a few months.

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