Journal, September 8, 1976 PM

And the saga of the vicious African bee continues. It’s no hoax I’m certain now. There was an article in the local press today saying it’s been found in Guatemala, and Steve Pamperin showed me an article in the April “National Geographic” that tells more about the bees and how they first got loose.

Over 150 people and countless animals have been killed by the bees in Brazil. Apparently if one member of a swarm gets agitated by something (it doesn’t take much), it gives off an odor which causes all its buddies nearby to zero in on the source of the disturbance. The “National Geographic” article said the bees weren’t due in Central America for maybe 6-7 years. I hope they’re right.

Rafael Lazo, at DGRNR {Dirección General de Recursos Naturales Renovables} wants to see my study of the people to be relocated in San Isidro. He’s trying to put together a questionnaire for the Río Tamulasco study. It looks like he’s the one who’s going to run that show, so I better start listening to him and seeing what he has in mind for the study.

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