Journal, September 5, 1976 PM

Fred Tracy graduated from college, Humboldt State University in California, with over a 3.0 GPA. He graduated 33rd out of 300+ from highschool, while lettering in 3 sports. Now he is the driving force behind a program to introduce new cropping practices and especially soil conservation in the watershed of Río Pacayas, Department {Province} of Chaletenango, a program that involves about 10 PCVs {Peace Corps Volunteers}.

I had a pleasant day with Fred, taking some stuff up to La Laguna for the PCVs up there, and moving 2 of the 3 of them to their new quarters in Comalapa, then trucking back to San Salvador tonight. I’m buzzed right now because we downed 3 quick beers over pizza after we got back. Take two aspirin . . .

Fred’s happy; he has a going project which keeps him running his butt off and a sweet, sweet woman to sooth away the tension. Still he confessed that he doesn’t know where he’s headed in the long run. Should he go for a Masters and aim for a job on that level, or say ‘fuck it’ and get a ranger job with his present degree, and have his own little area in which to pursue his various dreams & projects. Fred’s a complex person, shy & reserved yet confident & able, and motivated to do something for people. I love Fred. What a person!

I read up on nutrition at Peace Corps Office this morning. I have to lay off the sweets, eat a high protein breakfast (to keep from snacking all day), and learn to bake whole wheat bread, among other things. I’m going to start taking vitamin E tablets tomorrow. Ed has some, and I’m get some from Doctor Zavaleta as soon as I can. Jim Monachino says he’s been popping vitamin E daily for years. Perhaps it’s just a fad, but he had already heard that it had some inhibiting effects on aging too, so maybe it’s for real. It’s not supposed to be harmful, so here goes! I hope it don’t make me more horny, I couldn’t handle that!

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