Journal, September 22, 1976 PM

I just busted Ed’s {Shiffer} Agua Crystal bottle, oh shit! I was trying to sterilize it with hot water, like a fool. I got away with it the last time, but this was the straw that broke it.

<I think I’m resigned at last to the monk’s life for the next 10-11 months (i.e. until Sofia & I get hitched).> Well anyway I just feel like I would be such a bastard if I “cheated” on her knowing she couldn’t have the same opportunity. Her culture prohibits her, but I have to deprive myself through sheer self-discipline. Usually it’s not that tough because of my habitual shyness & klutziness around women, but some of these chics take a very special interest in Gringos {North Americans}, especially shy ones, maybe because we’re such a contrast to the big “macho” bluff of the Latin dudes. {some text not transcribed}

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