Journal, September 24, 1976 PM

It sure looks like the Salvadoran Colon could fall. Peace Corps Director John Jones told Mike Shank and I today that Guatemala won’t take Salvadoran money at the border or in banks. I’m glad I’ve changed over most of that $500 I got from home to dollars or Costa Rican Colones. I have about 300 Colones yet in cash. I should buy stuff I plan to get before leaving now since money invested in stuff would not lose value in a devaluation. It would be a bummer if they devalued early in the month, just after our salaries are deposited, when we have lots of money (well, over 400 Colones) in the bank.

Mike and I may be sent to Guatemala to look over a fish marketing study they did up there. Max Anaya, the head of Planificación {Planning}, wants us to go along with 2-3 other people to review the study & see what ideas we can glean from it for a study we need to do here. I’d like to go & make use of the opportunity to buy a couple blankets, one for me & one for Jaime {Olson} & Pilar as a wedding present.

Mike & I pieced together the latest draft of the fishermen’s co-ops study (El Tamarindo & La Unión). Literally it was a cut and paste job. I hope that’s the last major revision. I’m sick of the thing. This time I redid the methodology section. I think the only two sections Mike & I aren’t primarily responsible for now are the objectives & the justification. At least we’ve written the drafts of everything else, using other people’s ideas at times. I want a copy if they ever publish the damn thing!

Ed {Shiffer} has a friend over. We went down town for ice cream and got soaked! It is still coming down pretty hard. But we got no ice cream, everything was closed. What fools we were!

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