Journal, September 13, 1976 PM

We had a basketball game today after work. We lost badly, but I got a real good workout, hustled more than I generally do. Another game Thursday, I’ll be in shape by the weekend. In shape for a couple good parties! Steve Hays gets married Friday, and the pastures & forages clan is planning one last shindig Saturday. Mike Staigers will soon be going home.

With all these parties & wedding gifts I’m liable to go broke! <And I still need to stash away $150 more for Sofia’s ring, and tomorrow 100 Colones goes toward my suit, and for Jaime’s {Olson} wedding I need something special, and then there’s Christmas!> Tener amor y amigos cuesta tanto! {Having both love and friends is so expensive!} Y yo tengo una familia grandisima, tambien! {And I also have a very large family!} Ni modo! {So it goes!}

Busy and yet stagnating all at the same time, that’s where I’m at. I’m busting ass to put together an acceptable copy of the study I did for the Atiocoyo Irrigation Project, and when I read over what I wrote I realize it’s a piece of garbage. The fact that I personally interviewed 143 minifundios {small farmers} and recorded some socioeconomic & attitude data on them is pretty valuable. What other fool would have done that? However, the analysis is part Mickey Mouse and part just plain strange. I’d be ashamed to show it to any professor I ever had. The conclusions aren’t bad, but they follow more from observations outside the actual study than from the study data. Plus, I was so blindly against the idea of relocating those farmers when I wrote the study report (Probably from hearing all their sob stories about what a hardship it would be!) that I didn’t consider, objectively, other ways of doing the relocation. I put no imagination into the thing! I have to watch myself recopying the study. I keep wanting to modify the conclusions and recommendations!

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