Letter, December 7, 1977

Today I sent off a big box of clothes, books & stuff by airfreight. I thought I’d send you all a copy of the freight bill so that if the box arrives before we do, & they call or write from the Madison airport saying, “Get this *!# box out of here quick!” you could do something about it. On the back of the bill I put a note authorizing family members to retrieve the stuff. Anything they charge you, I will reimburse of course. If there’s no problem with leaving the box at the airport a short time, I’ll retrieve it when I get home. OK? It’s all used stuff, so there shouldn’t be any customs charges.

I got Bruce’s form letter & will comply with the new Christmas gift policy. I’m not sure if I’ll come up by plane from Nashville. Marcia may drive up & if she does we’ll go with her, probably. I plan to call from Nashville when we’ve decided our mode of transportation from there on north.

Everything looks good for our trip, just about set to go. <Sofia finishes school this week.>

Take care, see you,


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