Journal, January 12, 1977 AM

I’m here in Costa Rica & was back on the job yesterday. I’m still feeling half dazed by the changeover, but I’m also starting to get all worried & uptight over wedding preparations. I tend to live pretty uptight. “Socado {Tight} Dino” a friend in Atiocoyo {El Salvador} labeled me.

<Sofia is falling all over herself trying to please me with her affection, and the little things she does.> I find myself embarrassed by it. She behaves in such an unliberated manner that I feel like a real (though somewhat reluctant) male chauvinist pig.

Last evening she would not let me go off by myself and get my head together. I said I had to leave early to get some stuff organized at Doña Carmen’s (at the risk of offending her after a carefully & lovingly prepared meal). But, not to be denied, she insisted on going with me. She kept me from getting more done than the copying of a few names in my new address book. But I’m so glad she didn’t let me retreat into my thoughts on only my second night in town.

I gave her her gifts from Jan & from me, and was swamped with more affection in return. {some text not transcribed}

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