Journal, January 25, 1977 PM

Since I’ve been back in Costa Rica, what I drank tonight is the most I’ve drunk. I weaseled out of a drink at lunch time in Pital, but tonight in Ciudad Quesada I drank with the boys, Renán {Molina}, Enrique Villalobos, Carlos {Reed} & the driver of our jeep land cruiser. I’m pretty drunk, but we talked as much as we drank. It was interesting. I discovered, among other things, that Renán & Enrique get bad vibes from the manner of Dr. Echandi, just as I do. Carlos doesn’t really commit himself.

The zone we went through today was very pleasant. I could see myself owning a farm in Zarcero or Venícia one day. The farmers are medium-sized and very likable. One guy reminded Carlos & me of farmers we know back home. Year-round pastures, a minimal investment in buildings and equipment, what a way to dairy farm! Costa Rica is hardly a developing country if what I’ve seen today is any indication. It has poor people & poor areas, but must be at least on a par with countries like Switzerland and France in Europe.

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