Journal, January 21, 1977 PM

Resolution: <I have to be more detached & rational around Sofia, at least for a while.> She’s very adaptable and tries to please me, so I have to take the initiative and show her that she doesn’t please me by being girlish and dependent on me. She’s been hitting me with: What am I going to do when you’re out of town? I can’t sleep alone in a house. And what am I going to do when you’re at work? I’ll be bored. Then when I talk about working and going to school in the States, she comes across with: I can’t stand to be alone at night! And if I don’t like it in the U.S. after a year, I’ll have to come home!

I’ve just been saying that’s the way it is, and you’ll adjust, but her sudden onslaught (like she’s trying to write in some special conditions before she signs the contract) has left me upset.

Wedding preparations are going on slowly. It seems that I’m mainly called upon to fork over cash, and ratify & praise decisions which have already been made. That’s pretty unavoidable I guess, given I’m both the groom and devoid of inside knowledge of how you go about arranging a Costarican wedding.

Today I am cooking beans to see how “duro {hard}” they are. What excitement! Yesterday though we went to the Instituto Interamericano de Ciencias Agricolas {Interamerican Agricultural Sciences Institute} in Turrialba. It’s a beautiful place. They have a good agricultural library, and I understand they’ve done some fine work in various phases of tropical agriculture. If I ever decide to farm here in Costa Rica, I should take an M.S. {Master of Science} there first, just to get to know the center, the people who are knowledgeable and the latest advances in tropical agricultural production.

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