Journal, March 1, 1977 PM

This may be the last installment before the wedding. I’ll work yet tomorrow, then take Thursday & Friday off to run the last-minute errands for the big fiesta {party}. In the last week, I‘ve been in San Antonio {de Belén} more than I’ve been home. I get home at 11 or 11:30, drop into a deep sleep, and get up at 6 to start over. Dr. Mora has given me things to do at work, so I haven’t been able to get back to the computer science book.

I’m going to have an adequate family representation at the wedding. Jan is coming, along with Barb Walsh. They’ll be here Thursday. Mom, Dad, Mary, David and the little ones will arrive Friday. It’s great, but also means I’ll be running myself ragged-er these last days before the thing.

Another late news item: Gerardo Chavez, Doña Teresa and Doña Lupita from Santa Tecla {El Salvador} are coming to the wedding as well! They also expect to arrive Thursday. I want to try to meet the Tica Bus they come in. <I’m trying to get Sofia to find them a place to stay in La Asunción, but so far she hasn’t said “sí ó no {yes or no}.”> What a grand gesture of friendship it is for them to come so far & spend so much money to see me married! They are so poor, I don’t see how they justify it, but aren’t they wonderful!

<Sofia & I have been having our arguments lately.> It’s like we’re trying to lay the ground rules for the marriage, and surely looking for that magic answer or glance or something that will tell each of us he or she is right to take the giant step of marriage with the other. We have yet to banish the doubts, but we always finish by clinging to each other and to our decision.

Fred Tracy laments that his friends generally change when they get married. They no longer find time for their friends and they “become older.” <It’s happening to Sofia and I for sure. Her younger sister is mad at Sofia & tells her she’s crazy to marry.> I’m getting to be so practical, I’m liable to turn into a CPA at any time!

It’s impossible to judge our relationship at this precise point. The marriage process is a strain on any two people. It’ll be like a cool evening breeze when it has all blown by & we’re left together, in the apartment that first night, at the beach the following day, ah!

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