Journal, February 21, 1977 PM

The other day when I was deep into computer algorithms and the jargon they contain, I wrote a couple doodles concerning mankind and marriage. I’ll store them here for future reference or disposal!

<Yesterday I awoke with a firm determination to have a serious one-on-one talk with Sofia about the need for more communication between us.> I went to her place. <I took her down by the little monument to the Virgin near her house, though we didn’t get away without her young nephew.> And I hemmed and hawed around for a while trying to find the words to verbalize the doubts and worries that were floating around in my head. I pretty well succeeded, eventually, and then she began to talk, and we found that the same instinctive mutual understanding that was evident in our long letters was still there though it had been a while since we had reached in and pulled the shades to expose it to the light.

I’m vastly reassured. <With Sofia I’ve nothing to fear but my own insecurity!> Her impulsiveness and brashness is complimented by a sensitivity and a profound rationalness. If my arguments are sound I can convince her.

{some text not transcribed}

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