Journal, February 8, 1977 PM

Yesterday I completed my wedding attire by buying a tie and a belt. I found to my great surprise that leather belts are cheaper than plastic ones in San Jose. I wonder if that holds for other leather goods. I of course bought a leather belt.

<Sofia and her younger sister waited and fed me supper at the apartment.> They must have had an adventurous afternoon from appearances. They planted a leaf in a plastic cup I had some seeds planted in. They burned a fuse on the outlet where I usually hook up the radio and the electric fry pan. Probably had them both going at once. They apparently set my two plastic bags of garbage out in the wind, and the shit was in the gutter in front of the place when I returned. This morning I found that the frying pot (It has handles like a pot, but is shallow like a frying pan.) was put away wet & with rice residue still lingering in it.

I was a little disturbed by some of these discoveries. The garbage I more or less scraped from the gutter, the fact that they didn’t tell me about the blown fuse, and the wet, dirty pan. I hope that it was all just goofing off because the two were together. {some text not transcribed} <Sofia must make some adjustments when she’s with me all the time.> She says she likes to do things well, have everything orderly, etc. Yesterday leaves me wondering.

I went to see Dr. Pardo {Peace Corps doctor} about a little lump I have just above my right ankle. I’ve had it for 2+ years and just got around to asking an M.D. about it. He says it’s a type of cyst, and that it will swell up, burst & drain now and then, but that it is nothing to worry about. I also asked him about Peace Corps responsibility toward non-U.S. citizen wives and he confirmed that it is zero. If we have a child, I can get money for that, whoopy shit! He said he will do medical consulting for my future wife, but medicine, exams, hospital is all strictly our problem. <It is a big risk for Sofia unless she works & thus gets automatic health insurance.> I’ll ask her if there isn’t a government plan whereby you pay a premium and get healthcare when not working. She’s had health problems before, so it’s dangerous to be without coverage.

I ran last night & physically I feel tip-top today. I really must discipline myself to get frequent vigorous exercise. I feel much more relaxed and take a more positive, constructive attitude toward the world when I’m in decent physical shape.

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