Journal, January 24, 1977 PM

<Monday evening meal at Sofia’s:> She’s an innovative cook, so it should be pleasant as usual. I brought her a dozen pink roses & was rewarded with the customary show of emotion. (Good old Julie Poh. She said flowers were the way to win over a woman.)

After dinner: It was pretty good, papaya & milk fresco {drink}, tuna dish, fried potatoes, cabbage & tomato salad with pieces of hard boiled egg in it, the standard rice & beans, and pieces of fresh papaya for dessert.

Yesterday we headed out to go bowling in San Pedro. <The guy (a shoeshine boy) on the bus seated next to Sofia had an epileptic fit and scared her about out of her skin.> She didn’t scream though, just changed seats. The poor guy slid down ‘til he was practically laying on the seat, had muscle spasms, and appeared as if his eyes would pop out of his head. Jaime {Olson} and I are well adapted to the culture. We did nothing. <Jaime & Sofia laughed about it later.> I couldn’t. Poor guy probably gets no medical attention.

The {bowling} alley was closed. We spent an interesting morning at the Museo Nacional {National Museum}. We ate at Pizza Hut for the second day in a row. <Sofia and I ate there Saturday, after a morning of shopping.>

<Oh, Saturday Sofia and I found our apartment.> It is in Santo Domingo and is in a word, neat. It is a tiny annex to an old fashioned adobe & wood house that Lolita Gonzalez has tried to maintain as authentically Costarican as possible, while not shunning modern appliances. Behind her home she has a collection of orchids and other plants filling a tiny garden. It’s a mind stimulating place, both house & garden.

Our apartment is furnished and has a tiny “sala {living room},” a tiny kitchen / dining area, a tiny bedroom, but with a closet in the wall, and a cozy bathroom. There is even a miniscule patio with plants between kitchen & bedroom. The only drawback is it has only a single {sized} bed. However, Lolita will let us put in our own bed if we like.

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